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Concepts and universal structure

Every political and philosophical theory is only as useful as the number of variables the theory takes into account. In some way, every political and philosophical theory can be said to have a certain amount of predictive power, a certain illuminating factor. Every school of thought can be seen as an attempt to define a boundary between that which is inside and that which is outside. Some political theories focus on the divide between the citizen and the state. Some philosophical theories focus on the divide between thought and matter. And this divide could be metaphorically interpreted as a grammar which allows causal associations: as a way to understand the changing relationship between the inside and the outside. The growth of every theory requires experimentation. And experimentation requires that one side of the coin is held constant, either the inside or the outside. The boundary between the inside and outside is refined through experimentation. Somethings that were originally co

A grammatical organization of pattern recognition

Let us suppose there are two nodes in a computational framework. To make it simple, let us call these nodes neurons, and also think of them as if they were neurons. Computation without the possibility of action is not effective in nature. So let us assume one of these neurons (B) can trigger something, such as a muscle contraction. Now let us imagine that there can be a graph of neurons of any arbitrary size between the neurons A and B. Now suppose for whatever reason, fitness is increased if neuron B is triggered after neuron A is triggered. From a fitness perspective, we don't care about the particular path of activation that occurs in the graph of neurons from neuron A to neuron B, only that neuron B is triggered if neuron A is triggered. It seems entirely possible that the path of activation would not always be the same, and that generalization is a kind of ability to repurpose units of computation on a local scale. Whereas one might use a set of neurons to compute something, i

Infrastructure programming language and a fault tolerant distributed interpreter


Nested dynamic memory allocator


Maps and concatenative coordinates


A multi-dimensionally reductive computational architecture


Nested page tables and isolated memory channels


Synchronized memory processor architecture and a contiguous scheduling algorithm