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Artificial intelligent life requires chaos

I suspect that artificial intelligent life is not possible if organisms do not create a microcosm of the inherent chaos in the universe within themselves. The same way that numbers can be factored into primes, probability distributions can be factored into primitive probability distributions. Chaos seems to be the most effective entity in factoring chaos. Order can only factor as far as the dynamic range of its structure. Life in an abstract seems to be a game where each organism leverages a set of internal chaotic processes to deal with the external chaos of the environment. If the internal chaos of an organism is too high, the organism dissolves or disintegrates. This is especially true from the perspective of information, as the organism will struggle to have a grasp on the causal nature of the universe, but it also applies to the cellular units of the organism. When feedback loops are broken, cells will destabilize. If the internal chaos of an organism is too low, then it might fai